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Strengthen student engagement by connecting students with local opportunities.

Why Students Love Majorwise

“Majorwise helped me explore my passion for graphic design while building up a huge portfolio from doing project work with many businesses.”

Peter Moore

Digital Art Student, Champlain College - 04/13/2017

“Because Majorwise connected me with resources to learn needed technical skills, I aced my interview when I showed the employer my knowledge of Mailchimp and Hubspot.”

Ginevra Marengo

Public Communications Student, University of Vermont - 02/17/2017

“This platform makes it so easy to find and apply for jobs. It really reduced my stress with finding an internship”

Tanner Tomasi

Business Administration Student, Saint Mike's College - 01/02/2017

“I always wanted to stay in my hometown after college, and Majorwise is making that easier by connecting me with local employers.”

Frankie Lyon

Community Development Student, University of Vermont - 09/02/2016

Majorwise believes in protecting student data.

Majorwise highlights for career centers

Local Focus

Help students stay local

Reach Students

Give employers the best tools to connect with your students

Data Insights

Track student use and success rates, and analyze data to answer any question


Gig Economy

Prepare your students for the fastest growing sector of the economy

Modern Design

Keep Students and employers engaged with the easiest to use platform on the market


Cutting-edge security keeps student data safe.

Smart Skills

Connect students with online resources on industry-essential skills

Event Management

Create and share awesome events simply with employers and students

Career Fairs

Create, manage, and advertise career fairs at your university.