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Why High Schools

Need MajorWise

Streamlines Guidance Counsellor/Career Advisor Work
The high school internship and volunteer opportunity sourcing service that MajorWise provides streamlines a process for high school that they already attempt every school year in some capacity or another. All high schools have counsellors that serve various purposes to the student body, and many of these roles and duties consist of some element related to career placements, interests, and job, volunteer, or internship opportunity location and placement. Our service acts as a one-stop-shop for both the job location and student profile matching aspects of this challenge. This not only automates and streamlines a previously laborious and time consuming task for high school staff, it also frees those staff members up for more valuable student facing time or other work.

Helps High Schools With Internship or Volunteer Requirements For Graduation
More than half of schools require some degree of volunteer work on a yearly basis in order to graduate or achieve certain honors anyway. This means that MajorWise, in addition to the above point, also helps your school ensure that your students are better equipped to handle the challenges that you set out for them. So not only can you ask that additional requirement of students which makes them a more well rounded high school graduate, you can ensure that it is a goal set out for with the best likelihood of completion and benefit to the student.

Integrate your School With the Community & Have a More Robust & Successful Alumni Base
Beyond the more forthcoming benefits for high schools of the MajorWise program – like the streamlining of student job opportunity placement – is the fact that what MajorWise accomplishes for schools also benefits them in many more communal ways.

Having a student body that is highly involved in community service, volunteering, and internships in its local area helps encourage a healthy, tightly knit community and brings the high school nearer to that community. This not only benefits the atmosphere in which the high school operates and exists, it also greases the proverbial wheel with local organizations for
future collaborations or projects.

This has a longer term outcome as well which is that the high schools alumni are also more connected and well prepared upon entering the post-high school world, and can be greater resources for future students of the school in the future as well.

The overarching theme here is that MajorWise helps streamline a lengthy and laborious work process for some of its staff, freeing them up to do different work, and makes the high school look and be more successful by giving its students more opportunities to succeed more completely after graduation, all while strengthening the greater high school community.

Why Students Love Majorwise


“Majorwise helped me explore my passion for graphic design while building up a huge portfolio from doing project work with many businesses.”

Peter Moore

Digital Art Student, Champlain College - 04/13/2017

“Because Majorwise connected me with resources to learn needed technical skills, I aced my interview when I showed the employer my knowledge of Mailchimp and Hubspot.”

Ginevra Marengo

Public Communications Student, University of Vermont - 02/17/2017

“This platform makes it so easy to find and apply for jobs. It really reduced my stress with finding an internship”

Tanner Tomasi

Business Administration Student, Saint Mike's College - 01/02/2017

“I always wanted to stay in my hometown after college, and Majorwise is making that easier by connecting me with local employers.”

Frankie Lyon

Community Development Student, University of Vermont - 09/02/2016


Majorwise believes in protecting student data.

Majorwise highlights for career centers

Local Focus

Help students stay local

Reach Students

Give employers the best tools to connect with your students

Data Insights

Track student use and success rates, and analyze data to answer any question


Gig Economy

Prepare your students for the fastest growing sector of the economy

Modern Design

Keep Students and employers engaged with the easiest to use platform on the market


Cutting-edge security keeps student data safe.

Smart Skills

Connect students with online resources on industry-essential skills

Event Management

Create and share awesome events simply with employers and students

Career Fairs

Create, manage, and advertise career fairs at your university.