Champlain Valley Union High School

Champlain Valley Union High School

Our team

Peter Silverman, Max Robbins, & Brendan Reese

Besides the project manager, we also had 3 of our in-house consulting experts staying on this project at all times.


Champlain Valley Union High School

While working with Champlain Valley Union High School, we conducted few vital market researches and provided a valuable career and internship search tool.

The MajorWise Career Search platform complements Champlain Valley Union High School’s Graduation Challenge. To graduate, a CVU student must earn a minimum of 20 credits and complete a Graduation Challenge Project. A year-long class at CVU is valued at 1 credit, and a half-year course is valued at .5 credit. Consistent with the CVU mission and philosophy, students are encouraged to set goals for greater achievement, rather than for minimum requirements; most students earn more than 20 credits. The 20-credit minimum must include:

Graduation Challenge provides each CVU 12th grader with the opportunity to design and carry out a personally meaningful educational endeavor through making connections with the wider community, engaging in academic research, reflecting through a written narrative, and publicly sharing their new learning.

Majorwise is providing a powerful search tool for students to find opportunities that they are passionate about and coincide with their learning within the classroom. The end result was equal opportunity for all students to find different internships, jobs, and volunteering!

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