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The Clark School

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Peter Silverman, Max Robbins, & Zach Pollack

Besides the project manager, we also had 3 of our in-house consulting experts staying on this project at all times.


Clark School

While working with Clark School, we conducted few vital market researches and provided a valuable career and internship search tool.

The Clark School itself has an internship program for seniors which has famously worked with organizations like Tufts Univeristy, Beverly Police Department, and PV Engineering & Manufacturing. Students work closely with faculty to determine and appropriate internship for fourth quarter their senior year.  Students are expected to fulfill both academic and internship responsibilities in order to help them balance independence and expectations.

Majorwise is proud to complement their top ranked internship program with the opportunity for all students to find volunteering, internships, and jobs for their next step in life. Majorwise is providing a powerful search tool for students to find opportunities that they are passionate about and coincide with their learning within the classroom. The end result was equal opportunity for all students to find different internships, jobs, and volunteering!


Leader in the design  
of high school internship programs


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