South Burlington High School

South Burlington High School

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Peter Silverman, Max Robbins, & Brendan Reese

Besides the project manager, we also had 3 of our in-house consulting experts staying on this project at all times.


South Burlington High School

While working with South Burlington High School, we conducted few vital market researches and provided a valuable career and internship search tool.

The MajorWise Career Search platform complements South Burlington’s Big Picture Learning Program. Big Picture Learning was established in 1995 with the sole mission of putting students directly at the center of their own learning. BPL co-founders Dennis Littky and Elliot Washor merged their thirty years of experience as teachers and principals and their distinct national reputations to launch this new innovation in education. With an intention to demonstrate that schooling and education can and should be radically changed, Big Picture Learning was born.

In the schools that Big Picture Learning envisioned, students would be at the center their own education. They would spend considerable time in the community under the tutelage of mentors and they would not be evaluated solely on the basis of standardized tests. Instead, students would be assessed on exhibitions and demonstrations of achievement, on motivation, and on the habits of mind, hand, and heart  – reflecting the real world evaluations and assessments that all of us face in our everyday lives.

Today, there over 65 Big Picture network schools in the United States and many more around the world; with schools in Australia, the Netherlands, Italy and Canada utilizing the Big Picture Learning design. Each individual school embodies the fundamental philosophy of Big Picture Learning: putting students at the center of their own learning.

The end result was equal opportunity for all students to find different internships, jobs, and volunteering!

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