90% of High Schoolers with previous employment

get into college, start careers, and are better prepared

Majorwise connects you with students

to give back to the community and grow your business.



Why Employers Love Majorwise

First of all… it’s free

“Majorwise helped me reach electrical engineers, and I got several qualified applicants”

Matt Giles

CEO, The Zutter Group - 01/19/2016

“We were happy to give Majorwise a try, and they served us well. We found a great student to make us a promotional video we love!”

Kate Whelley McCabe

Founder, Vermont Evaporator Company - 01/02/2016

“We proudly use Majorwise to help expand our team of passionate, smart individuals.We’ve found great talent to grow our business.”

Mark Rice

CEO, Ogee Beauty and Cosmetics - 03/17/2016

“We use Majorwise to find talented students to create promotional graphics and videos for our clients.”

Louisa Schibli

Founder, Milk Money - 02/30/2016

Majorwise Highlights for Employers

Find qualified students

Make sure you are reaching the students with the skills you need

Application Management

Use our intuitive dashboard to easily sort through applications, send advance and deny emails with just a single click.

Skill Badges

Click on the badges on student profiles to learn about the curriculum and courses that student has taken.

Gigs and Projects

Hire students for more flexible freelance roles. This is a great option for small businesses!

Message students directly

Contact them directly through Majorwise and find top talent

Multi-school posting

One job post reaches every school using Majorwise