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and grow your business

How Employers Benefit

From MajorWise

Community involvement

90% of students with work experience have a significant advantage when applying to colleges.
MajorWise affords your business access to high school talent while also investing in the local community
and next generation workforce. 

Complete entry level task work

Hiring high school interns or part-time employees allows your business to complete entry-level
business tasks while giving students valuable professional experience gleaned from their
internship. It’s a mutually beneficial opportunity.


Find employees and volunteers

from local high schools



What everyone says about


MajorWise helped me explore my passion for graphic design while building up a huge portfolio from doing project work with many businesses.

Alex Sabatell

Film Student, Saint Peter's Prep School - 04/12/2017

‘We’ve used MajorWise to hire students for a marketing internship. It was refreshing to find a platform that focused on local employers. This helped us compete for talented students.”

Janice Shade

Founder , Milk Money

“We proudly use MajorWise to help expand our team of passionate, smart individuals.”

Marc Bolh

Founder, Ascendo