Majorwise Business Network

Majorwise connects businesses with local high schools
to find students for unpaid internships.

We are the industry standard resource for connecting businesses with local high schools for professional matters.

What does it mean to join?

Students and schools can reach out to your company offering free interns.

  • By joining the Majorwise Business Network, you are showing local high schools that you are willing to work with them to  help prepare their students for their future careers.

    We send a monthly email show what tasks students can help you with, what students are currently searching, and the schedule’s of schools internship programs.


How does it help your Business?

 1. Introducing young workers   to your field today will help   build your industry’s   workforce. 

 2. Helps you impact career education so students learn the skills your employees need to have.

 3. Engaging in youth career   education with local high   schools will provide good PR   for your company.

 4. Working with high school   students to teach them career   skills is a great corporate  social responsibility initiative.

How does it help the student?

Students who complete internships have incredible advantages both in college and in their professional life.

 1. Be 37% more likely to graduate from high school. 

 2. Be 29% more likely to enroll in college.

 3. Be 45% more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree. 

 4. Have 22% greater annual earnings. 

What do employers think?

‘We’ve used MajorWise to hire students for a marketing internship. It was refreshing to find a platform that focused on local employers. This helped us compete for talented students.”
Janice Shade
CEO - Milk Money
“We proudly use MajorWise to help expand our team of passionate, smart individuals.”
Marc Bolh
Founder, Ascendo
Majorwise found me engineering students who helped me achieve a deadline for our product. We found helpful students in less than 48 hours.
Matt Giles
Founder, Thermouse

Our Company

Majorwise is the student opportunity network. We are the top organization for connecting your business with local high schools and the students who are specifically interested in your business for an unpaid internship opportunities. Our team of high school internship experts will work with your business to allow you to grow smoothly. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect high school students with local internships, volunteering, and part-time jobs to help them build experience and shape their futures. 89% of college admissions officers said high school students with internships and volunteering experience have an advantage when applying to college or their first job.Through Majorwise, we can grow your business while creating a wonderful future for thousands of students.