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Data Sharing

students, and schools have complete control over who we share their data with. We value privacy and will not share your information with companies and schools without your consent. We will always have you you opt-in, not out.

Data Transmission

Majorwise uses standard SSL (HTTPS) security for web traffic on all pages. Databases are protected with AES256 bit encryption. Passwords are slow-hashed and salted and stored. No PID is sent with API requests. API access is currently limited to Majorwise Employees.

Log In/ Sign Up

You have the ability to sign out on all devices connected to your account simultaneously. We also force accounts to sign out after 24 hours.  Passwords are checked on creation for common insecure passwords, as well as the inclusion of special characters, and alphanumeric characters.


Payment is handled through the third party Stripe. All credit card details are handled by them, not us. For information on their security policies, see here: All transactions are processed through SSL/HTTPS.

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