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Majorwise Highlights

Easily find and apply to relevant jobs

Majorwise makes it incredibly simple to find jobs in your skill area, and to apply for them without having to re-enter information.

Find jobs that fit YOUR schedule

No longer must you wait for the summer to work at an internship. With Majorwise’s focus on the gig economy and local jobs, you can find flexible jobs in your area that can fit into your busy life.

Learn the skills employers want

Majorwise will let you know if you have the technical skills a job i looking for, and if you don’t, we will connect you with free resources to teach you the skill.

Why Students Love Majorwise

“Majorwise helped me explore my passion for graphic design while building up a huge portfolio from doing project work with many businesses.” Peter Moore

Digital Art Student, Champlain College - 04/13/2017

“Because Majorwise connected me with resources to learn needed technical skills, I aced my interview when I showed the employer my knowledge of Mailchimp and Hubspot.” Ginevra Marengo

Public Communications Student, University of Vermont - 02/17/2017

“This platform makes it so easy to find and apply for jobs. It really reduced my stress with finding an internship” Tanner Tomasi

Business Administration Student, Saint Mike's College - date

“I always wanted to stay in my collegetown after college, and Majorwise is making that easier by connecting me with local employers.”

Frankie Lyon

Community Development Student, University of Vermont - date

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